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How to set up and start using BBM for iPhone

It cost, but in the end, BBM for iPhone made its global appearance in the App Store. The success has been resounding, I do not know if it is a record, but if it is not it must be very close, those responsible for the Canadian firm have announced that at this time carry more than 10 million downloads of the “new” application Of messaging, that yes, counting the versions of the OS and Android.

If you have downloaded it is very possible that you are on the waiting list to be able to activate it, a measure that they have had to impose so that they do not come down the whole system. Once  Download BBM for Android the turn comes you will have to start dealing with an application that, if you have not used it, you can see something different from the ones you know. In this post, we are going to give you some clues as to what you should do to start using it with ease, let’s go there. How to add a contact to BBM for iPhone Once you’ve created your BlackBerry ID you should start thinking about adding contacts to your list, a contactless messaging application is a bit sad, right? In the configuration process, you have already had the opportunity to add contacts if you did not do it or want to add some more follow these

Download BBM for iPhone

 1- Open the BBM application on the iPhone.

2- At the bottom right of the screen you will see three vertical points, touch them.

3- In the menu that appears tap on Invite to BBM

4- Now you just have to choose how to get the invitation to your friends, there are these:

How to create a BBM Group Chat for iPhone

If  BBM also has group chats, in most cases this type of chat is a real mess, but I think we are all in some messaging group, right? We leave you the instructions to start a Group Chat in BBM For iPhone.