Acid Free Trays


Acid Free Trays

We manufacture acid free trays to your specification. They are all acid free and designed for the conservation market. These are generally used by museums around the world to store small artefacts, specimens, medals, rocks and have many more uses.



Traditional Acid Free Trays

Traditional Acid Free Tray Covered tray made from your choices of acid free papers, wrapped around a solid archival acid free box board either 1000 micron or the more preferred 1300 micron. These are sturdy construction giving adequate protection for any specimens or artefacts.






                                          Die Cut Acid Free Trays

Die Cut Acid Free Trays, made from 650 micron archival acid free board. These have no coverings and can be supplied flat or pre-made, there is no glue involved in the construction of these boxes and are a very cost effective product. We already have many sizes in our stock range (see list).



Tray internal sizes.
Length Width Height
51 51 25
76 51 25
76 76 25
102 76 25
102 102 25
152 102 25
152 152 25
228 152 25
228 228 25
305 228 25



In the construction of our Acid Free Trays they are all made from the finest archival materials. All glue used in the covered option are an EVA formula which has been tested and approved by leading museums in the country. All papers are PAT tested along with our archival board.