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Apple ios 9 vs ios 8: Top 5 Best Reasons to Upgrade

This will be available for iOS 8.4 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. And even if you’re not a member, you can still use Apple Music to follow your favourite artists and listen to Beats 1 for free.

Apple also announced the iOS 9, with a few incremental upgrades from the iOS 8, and also WatchOS 2 update with native apps support Goodbye Newsstand, Hello News

1.Goodbye Newsstand, Hello News

Apple spent a great deal of time talking up ‘News’, its replacement for the unloved ‘Newsstand’ app which will launch in iOS 9. In a nutshell, this is Apple’s version of Flipboard and it allows users to pick topics of interest and then receive curated and beautifully presented articles. Every article can feature large photos, graphics, infographics, built-in videos, and interactive elements. check my blog -karan



News also creates a personalised feed called “For You”. Other features include the ability to bookmark articles to read it later and an “Explore” feature that helps you discover other news sources or topics you hadn’t read before. There’s a “Favourites” area for storing stuff within the new app as well


Another iPad-centric feature, in iOS 9 QuickType will bring rich shortcuts to suggestion bar of the iOS virtual keyboard in landscape mode. This includes the likes of cut, copy, paste, adding attachments and more. In addition, a two finger touch on the keyboard makes it operate like a trackpad so you can scroll through a document, highlight text and so forth without having to move away from the keys.

Shortcut-Bar-in Apple Smartphone IOS 9

8. Love for older devices

Breaking from tradition, Apple has announced that iOS 9 will be made available for every device that supports iOS 8. Typically Apple cuts off a generation of hardware with each new generation of software and it suggests the company is putting its money where its mouth is on the claims iOS 9 will be faster and more efficient.

3. Revamped Notes

New features of the completely redesigned Notes app include the ability to draw a quick sketch using your finger, easily create checklists to keep track of your to-dos or snap a photo directly in a note. In iOS 9 Notes will support integrated links and previews from Safari, embedded images and a dedicated attachments view for simple panning and scanning of visual content.

Apple iOS 9 Vs iOS 8: Notes

4. More free space

There’s good news when it comes to downloading and installing iOS 9, as Apple has reduced its size. The iOS 8 over-the-air (OTA) update was a hefty 4.6GB download, which caused many users issues with space on their devices. The iOS 9 download is just 1.3GB — which should be much more manageable.

5. HomeKit & Healthkit

Apple iOS 9 HealthKit-HomeKit

With the first HomeKit devices surfacing, Apple is beefing up its Internet of Things platform and in iOS 9 HomeKit will add support for window shades, motion sensors and interestingly security systems. For those who love living on the cutting edge, all HomeKit devices will also be accessible via iCloud so you will be able to ‘log into your home’ from a web browser and control anything from lighting to compatible appliances or even the front door.

Women all across the world will be happy to hear that Apple HealthKit will start tracking “reproductive health. The health feature will be able to monitor hydration, menstrual periods and fertility, “reproductive health” and UV exposure.