Acid Free Wooden Glass Top Boxes

wooden-glass-top-boxesAcid Free Wooden Glass Top Boxes

We manufacture glass top boxes which are used in a number of large museums around the country. They can be used to display various artefacts & specimens whilst giving a safe environment for them to be stored in. These are made from birch plywood on the sides with various options of thickness of plywood 4mm, 6mm & 9mm. A acid free boxboard is pined to the bottom and also used to create a inner shoulder for the lid to sit into. A glass window is fixed to the top giving visibility of the artefact or specimen inside which can be removed. Lined with a acid free barrier and acid free paper. The outer covering can be covered in a variety of cloths but the preferred option is Black Leatherette which is also moist resistant and very hard wearing and practical but still has a beautiful finish to the outside. See under our bespoke section to see the full range of colours.

These are a lovely but practical solution to show and to display any collection.