About Us

Preserving your reputation in conservation since 1914


Since 1914 G. Ryder & Co. Ltd. has been producing the finest hand-made boxes for leading galleries, museums and institutions. Today, our Solander boxes, binding boxes, portfolios and wire-stitched boxes are still the first choice of conservationists and archivists, worldwide, who demand the highest standards in materials and construction.

Bespoke Box design and manufacture

We design and manufacture bespoke boxes for a wide range of clients which enhance every product or promotion. With your imagination and our technical capability the possibilities are endless.

In addition to producing bespoke archival boxes for revered clients such as the Vatican, the Natural History Museum, The Tate, The House of Commons, Windsor Castle, Westminster Abbey and the British Film Institute, to name just a few, our design department also works closely with luxury brand owners, designers and manufacturers to create elegant boxes for their beautiful products.

Designers and luxury brands such as Cath Kidston, Cartier, Heals, Selfridges, John Lewis, and many more, all turn to G. Ryder when they need specialist bespoke boxes to present their unique and up-market products.

Our Royal Warrant


G. Ryder & Co. Ltd. have been proud holders of the Royal Warrant since 1988 and as suppliers of boxes to Royal Households we consider it an honour to be part of the conservation and preservation of our nation’s historical archive. Our products carry the Royal Warrant as a mark of our continuous dedication and commitment to using only the finest quality materials in the manufacture of our handmade boxes.

We may be a rarity in this world of automated mass production but we are fiercely proud of our heritage and will continue to produce our boxes of the highest quality in the time-honoured tradition that has built the company for over a century.